"What a most amazing lady Carla is, I can not express how great full I am to her for everything she did for me with the passing of my Dad! Probably the most traumatic thing I have ever been through and hope I never have to go through it again! Carla and her team made it all so much less stressful, they took so much pressure of my hands and just made it all happen! Dad looked really good when she bought him home to me, and she took care of all the little things I couldn't begin to think about! You are one amazing lady Carla! Any wishes I had were no problem at all no matter how big or small, there were amazing!

Please everyone, check this beautiful funeral home out, I know you won't go anywhere else, no matter what your beliefs are, Carla will make it as easy for you as she possibly can!

Thank you so much Carla and Melrose funeral home! You beautiful people are the best! Kia Kaha"


"I didn't personally get to see my Nan at the home but from what we received at the hospital and what my family say, this was a very warm and opening practice. Soo kind, caring and full of aroha.. thank you for making my Nan look beautiful and making the family feel comfortable. We wouldn't of had this send off if it wasn't for u."


"Tena koe Carla,
On behalf of the Roberts whanau we would like to thank you for the aroha you gave to our whanau during the loss of our brother, uncle, koro Maaka. Our Whanau all said you were so beautiful, inviting, down to earth, easy to talk to person. The job that you done on our brother was so awesome, all the whanau were totally amazed. Their was much positive feed back about your work, and we highly recommend you to other whanau. Many things you said and done was so sincerely appreciated
Yours sincerely,