Phil Turner

Owner & Managing Director

Ko Mauao te Maunga
Ko Takitimu te Waka
Ko Tauranga te Moana
Ko Ngati Ranginui te Iwi
Ko Ngai Tamarawaho raua ko Pirirakau oku Hapu
Ko Huria raua ko Paparoa oku Marae

I was born and raised in Tauranga and now living in beautiful Te Awamutu and have worked directly with a wide range of people from all walks of life over the last 15 years as part of my work within local government and other government agencies. It has enabled me to form relationships with key stakeholders, Kaumatua, Tangata Whenua and Marae here in Tauranga Moana.

Experience has given me the skills and knowledge to offer understanding and guidance while respecting all different cultural and religious values. Expertise in people management, navigating problems and finding solutions.

I feel very humbled and privileged by the opportunity to help guide families through a difficult time in dealing with the arrangements for their loved ones as well as assisting whanau in following the protocols and beliefs of their respective Marae, Hapu and Iwi. Overcoming challenging situations is very rewarding and this is another opportunity for me to help our people and our local community.

A lot of my spare time is spent with whanau and friends and I am passionate about providing our kids with all the opportunities available for them to excel.

My goal for 2017 within Melrose Funeral Home is to help create a relaxed and culturally safe environment for whanau that allows them to be involved as much as possible and to encourage whanau to pre plan funerals to help eliminate pressures and stresses associated during these precious final moments with loved ones.

“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, He tangata, He tangata”
(What is the most important thing in the world?, It is people, it is people, it is people)